Mom is not well…….

Mom was diagnosed with and incredibly rare lung disease 3 years ago.

I  will get the exact name and post it later. For a woman who hasn’t been in a hospital since giving birth to me,

this has been a most difficult time in both our lives. What has happened is that she has aged incredibly in a 2 week period.

From 135 lbs to maybe 105 lbs soaking wet. Shocking!!

At first all the doctors were screaming cancer, and frankly, I believed it.

As the only son of a now 75-year-old woman, life has shaken both of us.

We are now at a junction where I have to decide everything for her.

I have no problems doing this . I have to think and re-think every detail. Ultimately I always have

her best interest at heart.

I’ve been labeled a “good son”. It doesn’t feel good to watch your mother go through what

she is going through. The impotence is increasingly frustrating. Watching her spiral downward and me fighting not to let it happen.

She has given her whole life for me. With out exception, prejudice, without a second thought. And even in her current condition

she unknowingly continues to do so.

She continues to teach me through example, sacrifice and persistence. Just being at her side.

In making sure all her medicine is taken correctly. That she is hydrating properly. That she eats and gets proper nutrition. (a most difficult task at times).

She continues to give without expecting any form of reciprocation. She will continue to give of herself until her last breath. I know it!

How could I possibly repay that?    How? How? How?

And the answer comes:

Live by her example. 

She will live through me, I through her example.

Like her I will:

Smile and say hello to others. (even when others may not)

Continue to learn frugality.

Maintain focus through humility.

Value people over possessions.

Embrace simplicity.

Face life on its terms.

And through this blog:

Pay her example forward !!!


2 thoughts on “Mom is not well…….

  1. I have no words…but the only things I can tell you…she is so proud of you…as a mother I can tell you, she just want you to be happy and she will be…do not give up, do your best now that you have her…and every day remind her how lucky you are because you have her as your mother….My dearest friend..I am with you…God may bless both of you 🙂

  2. I am so sorry to hear how ill your mom has been. The pneumonia has really taken a toll on her, and you over the past couple of weeks. I do not know what is like to watch a loved one age before my eyes or suffer through an illness so close at hand, but I can truly empathize. We children do make our parents proud and pay them back for every sacrafice they made and that some continue to make when we live a just life, a good life, the life they envisioned for us; that example you so eloquently spoke of. We pay them back by allowing them to bare witness to that part of us while life still courses through them and more so when they are smiling down on us from heaven. Share those smiles and kind words with others; embrace the simplest things in life, and Amanda Placeres will truly continue to shine and live on through you.

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