If you’re waiting for a sign…This is it!

My beloved grandmother passed  January 4 2013.

She was my second mother, no exageration. She was my refuge in very uncertain and tough times of my adolescence. Most of which was self induced. Nevertheless, her doors were always open to me, regardless of the situation. There’s was always a plate of food, a ”to go” order from anywhere I wanted, something to drink, a warm bed to sleep in. I made it through those times, largely, because of her.

There were always jokes and laughter, even at the stake of something we did or some family matter. We always upscaled our expectations even in the most dire of circumstances. It was always an environment of prosperity in the midst of utter simplicity, if that make sense. We were definitely “Rich” whenever we were together. The sky was the limit and ”let’s get goin’, we don’t want to stay in here do we?”

She loved the city, the cafes, the food. People watching and dressing up to go out. She taught me to always be presentable and when times are the hardest :            “Grab the best clothes you have, and hit the streets”. I will never forget that. It has become a part of who I am. She had the voice of an angel and all lucky enough to have met her, were better because of her. She always gave without asking. Cared without prejudice. Loved without expectation.                                                                    90 years worth.

I don’t know if there are angels in heaven. But I know there are stars in the sky. Although your departure has darkened this world. Tonight the sky shines brighter and I know you are there. As you always were. I feel the emptiness of your absense. Yet you filled my soul with joy. I feel the pain of not being with you. Yet I know you are with me. I asked that you would please give me a sign. Tonight you have done it twice.                                                                                                                                       I love you soooo much . I miss you and I know you are ok………

And grandma,

“if you’re waiting for a sign, This is it”


Thank you for the shooting Star!

Olimpia Zulema Perez Image


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