All Aboard !!!


How soon we forget.

Didn’t your mother teach you manners? You know, say ” thank you”, ”please”, ”good morning”, ”hello”. When did we forget to open doors, give your seat to an older person, a lady or just because? How have we gotten so far off the path? Who looks back at you when you look in the mirror? When did our hearts turn to stone?

What happened in our life to bring such unsavory traits? Who let you down when you most trusted them? Who hurt you as a child that you never forgave? Who did you trust that betrayed you?

When did you get on this train? At what station? Did you come alone? Or were you brought here by someone? A family member you say? A friend? This train is full and there are many others waiting to board at each platform. Yes, this train’s destination is Death!

Why do we carry this baggage around that weighs us so? The weight alone disfigures our soul.  Resentments destroy us just as fast as revenge. We make others pay, a debt not their own. The darkness we reap of the seed we have sown.

Stop the train!  And if you cant stop the train and the next station is too far, JUMP!! JUMP OFF. NOW! Before it’s too late, and you arrive where you are headed.

There’s another train coming, just look for it now.

It’ll be around soon, you don’t want to miss it!

Make sure you know where it’s going, before you get on……………..

“Good Evening! Ticket Please” !



gustavo f. placeres ©


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