Empty Cup

My legs were like pistons on a locomotive! I felt no pain. The day was beautiful. Riding with my buddies. But something was not right. As we rode off I became very depressed.  I felt like crying. Why? This was a deep-rooted sadness completely unknown to me. I felt like getting of the bike many times. What the heck is this? Is something wrong with my mother at home? On top of it all, I left the cell phone in the car. I wanted the privacy and a break from connectedness. (more on that later).

As we rode mile after mile the ride made me feel like an elderly man on a violent rollercoaster ride. Emotionally that is. And quite frankly, very scary. Damn! THis has never happened before. Not to this degree. Why was this happening? We were out in the middle of nowhere, Farmlands, The Chesapeake Bay, cool breeze in my face, the sun was out. As we kept riding I tried to entertain my mind, or rather, distract myself from this horrible feeling.

What it was.

You probably do not know, I’ve been dealing with my mother’s health issues lately. To put it mildly, she has given me a good scare once again. She is doing better now mind you. Then why these feelings? Is it depression? Perhaps. But I belive that the main reason for this is that my emotional cup needed emptying. Like a cup, our emotions build up and sooner or later this cup will overflow. It needs to be emptied, cleaned out so you can then replenish. I needed to EMPTY MY CUP.

Cry I did. I rested and today I still feel the emptiness it will leave once you do this. But man do I feel better! We all need strength, emotional fortitude if you will, to deal and effectively “negotiate” life’s many changing offers and challenges. Emptying our cup leaves new room, new strength to face life head on, shoulders square, and chin up !!!

I hope we all learn to know, when it’s time,

To empty our cup !!

God Bless!


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