Questions ??????

Every day I move towards freedom.

It’s a process, one that is attainable if I constantly move in its direction. Embracing simplicity, braking the chains that hold us down daily. Eliminating unnecessary “STUFF” from our lives  removes the obstacles from our path and clears our way. I didn’t stumble upon this minimalism path. When the student is ready, the teacher will emerge, I’ve heard.

“STUFF” is all around us.

In our pockets, on our person, in our rooms, closets,pantries, refrigerators, garages, even our hearts and mind. So the fact that somewhere in my soul I was screaming for this “PATH” is only when it showed itself. The answers are out there. First of all we must ask the questions and begin our search like our lives depends on it. It does! No longer will I just sit and wait for some lightning bolt of “ENLIGHTENMENT”. I have to ask the questions first and begin to search like hell. RIGHT NOW!!!   Answers you will find! Learn a new path you will! ( as Yoda might say ).

Yoda was right!

The force of our soul screams to understand, to be free. This is very exciting! The unknown can stop us dead in our tracks if we allow it. We must ask the right questions and begin our search right NOW. Do I want to quit my job? Travel the world? Start a family? Have a business that allows complete freedom of place?  Spend time as you wish? Go where you want, when you want? Live a healthy life? Pursue a hobby? Enjoy the company of your family and friends more?

The list or better said…. The questions are endless and the answers await.

Here’s one answer I have found and I will share it with you now.

I will be working with someone I admire a lot. Farnoosh at

She has many answers to my many questions. How do I know? Go to her site now and look for yourself. I did!
This has happened as a result of my personal questions. My  desire to have a life that I can live without the “Normal Constraints” ie: 2 week vacation a year, corporate structure, etc, etc, etc.  I don’t want to wait for retirement to live. NO WAY!!! I want to live now! So I will work and invest with others that are living how I’d like to live. My questions will continue, so will my answers. And I will continue to share them with All of you. As we go on this journey, the answers will come.

What questions do you have for your life ??????

Rock Creek Park


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