Why are YOU running?


Life passes quickly!

Our couch is not a friend if we’re with it too often. The television is robbing you blind! Get rid of it or at least, limit your time with it. These are NOT your friends. They are thieves robbing you of happiness, health, awareness and freedom.


Just puting on my running shoes and getting out the door, is very liberating. In it’s simplicity, the complexity of life diminishes through the sweat of my body!

Money$$ in the bank for future use. You, Your greatest investment!

Need therapy? Run. Stressed out? Run. Depressed? Run. Just got fired? Run. It’s a great escape from life’s pressures. It’s where I converse with God. Where I analyze my life or just float in the clouds. It’s nature allowing me her grace, cause we’ve gone so far from it. The trees, the birds, the deer. All friends that I haven’t met yet.

The in-shape girls with hourglass figures, the friendly nod ” hello”  from a total stranger, the look of agony on a wrinkled grandmother determined to defy time. Paved paths through trees and hills where the clouds give cover to our inermost feelings, and the sun’s rays can warm even our darkest sorrows.

I run to be with those I love.

I run for peace in time of war.

For those that died and wish I’d known.

For all too sick to stand. Stand on their own.


Why are YOU running!

gustavo f. placeres © 2013